Parent Teacher Meeting

The School supports and encourages an on-going partnership between the School, parents and management.

The School regularly seeks parental co-operation and assistance through the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA), which promotes a closer relationship between home and the School.

We have a plan to implement that there should separate Associations for the Pre-primary, Primary and Secondary sections, which are elected annually according to State Education Department stipulations.

PTA members assist the School in: Reviewing the School's progress through Parent Development Meetings (PDMs), Effectively communicating between the School and parents, Supporting the School's various activities and initiatives, e.g., organizing social events for students. The Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) and orientation programmes give parents and students an opportunity to interact, provide feedback and exchange ideas with School management. Parents are encouraged to be involved in the social and emotional development of their child. The aim is to engage parents as critical partners who actively contribute to the effective functioning of the School.



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