Our Validity

The Seventh-Day Adventist Higher Secondary school in Puducherry was founded in 1957. This school is recognized but not aided by the Govt. of Puducherry. English will be the Medium of Instruction form Pre-Kg, LKG to XII Std. Tamil, Hindi and French are offered as second language form LKG to XII.

The Seventh-Day Adventist schools are operated and managed by the South East India Union of Seventh-Day Adventists, I97, G.S.T. Road, Vandalur Chennai – 600 048.

The Seventh-Day Adventist are protestant Christians who as the name indicates believe in the immurements second Adventist of Jesus Christ and keep the Seventh-Day of the week as the Sabbath.

They believe that Christians delight to obey the Ten Commandments of God including the fourth commandment about the observance of the “Seventh-Day” of the Week as the holy Sabbath

Our Goal

To combine Excellency in teaching with enjoyment of learning

Our Legacy

Our School in Puducherry in one 5,590 schools world wide. This includes 114 colleges and Universities. In India we have 538 schools and 8 colleges. The education academic expertise, provided by our organization is widely admired throughout the world and we, with due modesty, assert that we have achieved of depth of accomplishment in education that is distinctive, u rivaled and beyond more.

In India we have 8 colleges and 538 schools